VSMP Idea Starter

In order to create relevant, engaging and personalized social media content for you, we need to know what’s happening in your world. Below, you’ll find a variety of topics and thought starters. Please jot down your thoughts in as many categories as you can, upload any photos you’d like to share, then click Submit. Just give us a little basic info to run with and we’ll do the rest. Don’t worry about spelling, grammar or sentence structure here. A quick “brain dump” will do.

  • In case we need to follow up or clarify... help us connect with you.
  • Keep your audience up on the projects you've got in the works.
  • Here's a great opportunity to get the word out if you're planning a special or sale, or if you want to focus attention on a particular product or service.
  • Any helpful Ideas, information, suggestions relevant to your business or your customers needs
  • How 'bout that 1-yr (5-yr? 10yr?) anniversary? 100th customer contract? 1000th download delivered?
  • Share your knowledge and expertise! Maybe new/interesting ways (or tried/true ones) to use your product or service? New challenges coming to your customers? Talk about them here.
  • Toot your own horn! Association awards, maybe? Chamber of Commerce? JD Power?...
  • "Aw, shucks!..." People say some nice things -- share the love!
  • What's going on with the staff/team/crew? Employee of the month? New hires? Anniversaries? Personal items (birthdays, babies, marriages, new dogs...)?
  • Thinking about doing a drawing? Have some spare stock to giveaway and spark some interest?
  • Turn folks on to something something useful, inspiring, or relevant that you've read/seen lately.
  • How 'bout staff hobbies? Have a mountain climber or marathoner on the team? Members that volunteer? Maybe "Pizza Friday" was particularly fun last week....
  • Have a particularly great vendor? Client that's terrific to work with? Maybe a colleague or team member that deserves an "attaboy"?...
  • What's going on in your area? Your market? Your network? Look for opportunities to connect with your community.
  • Have something inspirational to say? Heard something from someone else? Words of wisdom? Share!
  • Seriously, nobody knows your business better than you. If something pops into your head -- regardless of randomness or relevance -- pop it up here. We'll help make it work for you.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, bmp, png, pdf.
    Have any interesting images relating to your ideas above? You can upload them right here. If the filename doesn't make it clear which image goes with which idea, just add some notes in the "uploaded image notes" below. (Only jpg, gif, bmp, png, pdf allowed.)