VSMP Weekly Tip: SEO-friendly profiles

Make sure your social media profiles are SEO-friendly. You want your About sections to be super descriptive about your business without stuffing keywords.

VSMP Weekly Tip: SM profile pics

Take a minute to really assess your social media account photos — profile pictures, cover pictures, etc. Are they professional and visually compelling? Do they accurately reflect your company and its image? If not, you’ll want to make adjustments to ensure they’re representing your business at its best.

VSMP Weekly Tip: Publish your social media links

Do you have your social media platform links in your email signature? How about on your website, your business card, packaging and your other visual marketing materials? Make sure they’re there with a call to action like “Connect with us!” or “Stay Up To Date!”.

VSMP Weekly Tip: Reshare your content

Don’t hesitate to share your social media content more than once. Repeating your message is helpful for people in other time zones and for those who might have missed it the first time around. When reposting, add a little variation such as “In case you missed it last week…” or “Did you see…?” or rearrange the intro slightly for a fresh delivery.