Share and Be Shared

In the world of search-engine-ranking, links to your website are a strong contributor – and this includes social media links. Of course, you want your content to be valid, relevant, and useful – but you also want it to be shareable. When someone shares a link to your site, they’re adding to your “trust” factor – increasing the value (and therefore ranking) of your site. One of the best ways to support this – aside from creating quality content – is for you to actively reinforce the “social” aspect of social media. It’s not (or shouldn’t be) a one-way street; not just another advertising medium. Rather, understand that it’s a conversation – and a balanced conversation is always better. So … read, share, and participate in social media yourself. You’ll  find your content is much more likely to be shared (and linked to) in turn.

VSMP Weekly Tip: Stand Out Twitter

Great advice! Check out these “4 Timeless Twitter Tips That Will Make You Stand Out.”

VSMP Weekly Tip: Maximize Engagement

This, from

Maximize engagement. Social media engagement is all about crafting rich, robust content for your potential clients to interact with—to peruse, to like, to share, to comment.

At its bread and butter, you’re providing information about your company and services offered. The key to truly engage your target is to identify moments in your everyday life that tell your brand story, from a behind-the-scenes snap of a stunning kitchen mid-build (and the tidy worksite), to testimonials or quotes from satisfied customers. Engage with current clients on social media, and you immediately provide them with a platform to sing your praises when your work is done. Sharing posts from industry leaders or information about a newly-launched product demonstrates to your followers that you’re at the forefront of design and technology.


VSMP Weekly Tip – Engage your team

Get your team involved in your social media efforts by asking them to share your company posts and share with you any ideas or info they have for content.

VSMP Weekly Tip

When considering ideas for your VSMP content, consider this from “Be a little weird. Playing it safe guarantees nothing. Instead, take a few calculated risks that may prompt your audience (and their friends, fans and followers) to admire your company’s authenticity and laugh, smile and share.”

VSMP Weekly Tip: Ready, set, post!

Got an urge to go rogue and deliver some social media on your own? Visage’s VSMP services provide the primary building block for your social media efforts. But, don’t feel like you can’t supplement. Go ahead, you can do it!

VSMP Weekly Tip: Share Your Posts

Get more traction with your business social media posts by sharing them through your personal social media accounts. And don’t hesitate to encourage your friends and family to “like” and “share” — they’re usually happy to support your endeavors.

VSMP Weekly Tip: Social Media Platforms

Don’t feel like you need to be on every social media platform. Use only the ones that make sense for your business and your customers.

VSMP Weekly Tip: Posting Events

Going to an industry event? Don’t just let people know that you’re going — let them in on the experience. Tell your audience what you’re learning and show them what you’re seeing with brief posts and photos throughout the event.

VSMP Weekly Tip: Use them as blog posts

Don’t forget your blog. Your VSMP content may also serve as blog content. Short and sweet is just fine. Just be sure include any images for more impact.