Offer Deals or Promotions

From 5 Things You Should Be Doing In Social Media Marketing In 2016:

Offer Deals or Promotions

Would you like to develop a larger audience base, gain more customers, and measure conversions from social media in 2016? Treating your social media fans to special offers is a great way to achieve all three. Your loyal customers might connect with your brand on social media because they love you. But eMarketer reports that most people do so because they are interested in buying your product, receiving an incentive (i.e. sweepstakes, discount, or gift card) or to get regular coupons and promotions. Mixing special offers into your content calendar is a way to keep both the brand and consumer happy.

Your blog post

SEO relies heavily on the recentness and relevance of content. Your VSMP content is exactly that — so while it’s aimed at your social media, it’s also perfect to include on your site as a post or news item. Don’t forget to include on your own site.

Small Business Saturday

November 28th is Small Business Saturday and could be a good marketing opportunity for you. Here’s a good article about Small Business Saturday along with some tips to help you get the most out of it: . And, if you’re interested in promoting Small Business Saturday for your business via VSMP let us know this week so we can work that into your content mix in advance of the day.

VSMP Weekly Tip: Make Friends and Socialize With Them

It can’t be said enough: social media is a two-way street and you’re apt to get more traffic when you interact. Take the time this week to look at who you’re following. Add new businesses and/or people. Comment on, retweet, and/or like their posts. Engage — and you’ll see that engagement return.

VSMP Weekly Tip: Advertise your social media platforms

Do your business a favor and make sure that you’re providing your social media links at every turn: on your business card, website, email signature, packaging, letterhead and envelopes, direct mail pieces, brochures… You get the picture. And, be sure to use a call to action when you can: Learn more about our products…, Stay in the know…, Connect with us…

VSMP Weekly Tip: Rerun your posts

Give your posts another chance to be seen by rerunning them. Do some slight rewording to change it up, or introduce it again with “This bears repeating…” or “In case you missed it…”

VSMP Weekly Tip: 15 Minute Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

All it takes is 15 minutes to make some progress with your social media efforts. Read more at

VSMP Weekly Tip: Analyze your post stats

Take a minute or two to analyze your social media stats. Determine which posts seem to be resonating most with your audience — and do more of them.

VSMP Weekly Tip: Retweet

Good advice from

Retweet people who are linking to your content. They’ll appreciate the attention, and your followers will notice the new faces in their timelines more than the old—meaning they’ll be less likely to tune out your headlines, and more likely to click through. When we started retweeting the readers who were sharing our content, our traffic from Twitter increased 31% month over month.

VSMP Weekly Tip: Share content from reputable sources

Yes… from

Regularly share high quality, interesting content from reliable sources to establish yourself as a clued-up brand.