The New With The Old: Touch Tech Helping Long-Historied Bookseller Transform

The Cambridge University Press bookshop – at their location in the UK that’s been selling books since 1581! – is transforming their customer access with touch screens.


Hundreds-years-old UK bookshop transforms customer experience with Touch Tech:

Multi-touch Table-Top Touch Tech: Perfect for Education

Multi-touch desks at Durham University in the UK are helping students connect and collaborate with their lessons.


Multi-touch, multi-user desks for children – connecting and improving education:

Product Spotlight: 27″ Performance Multi-Touch Monitor

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Our 27″ Performance Touch Monitor improves performance. Learn more:

Farm to Table – With a Touch in Between

Here’s an interesting article: A “farm-to-table” restaurant in Michigan, using touchscreen tech for customers as part of their solution…



Touchscreens help farm-to-table restaurant:


Improved Touchscreen Access for the Disabled

Here’s a great article about helping the disabled access the power of touchscreen technology…



A great article about helping the disabled access the power of touchscreen technology:

Lands’ End: Improving Customer Access with Touch Tech

A new Lands’ End store in Burlington, MA is using touchscreen tech to improve their customer’s experience.


Lands’ End is using touchscreen tech to improve their customer’s experience:

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Blending the old with the new…

Here’s a wonderful example of historic beauty being enhanced and enabled by technology – including touchscreens.


High-tech touch-screen-enabled heritage:

Huge Growth Coming for Interactive Kiosks

Zion Market research projects huge growth in the Interactive Kiosk Market – with touchscreens at the core of the technology.


Market research anticipates huge growth in touch-enabled Interactive Kiosks: