Pros and Cons: Dispersive Signal Technology (DST)


Dispersive Signal Technology (DST) is 3M’s proprietary implementation of bending wave technology. It is used primarily for digital signage applications. One World Touch is one of the few authorized integrators of 3M’s Dispersive Touch Screens in the U.S. Here is a list of DST’s pros and cons:



  • Even more durable than Surface Capacitive due to an all-glass surface with electronics on back of glass
  • Very good optical quality
  • Good accuracy
  • Can be used with anything that creates vibration (finger, fingernail, stylus, gloves, etc)
  • Plug-and-Play compatible with Windows 7/8; legacy OS support



  • No hold-in-place or right-click functionality (due to the lack of vibrations to create touch)
  • Extreme corners can occasionally be hard to touch



Check out the pros and cons of Dispersive Signal Technology (insert link to FB post)