1/8/16 – Meet Marti — NAU Blavin Scholar

We’d like you to meet Marti – an incredible NAU second year Blavin. Not only does she go to school full time, but she also works two jobs and is a mentor to other students. http://blavinscholars.org/meet-marti-nau-blavin-scholar.html



We’d like you to meet Marti – an incredible NAU second year Blavin who has two jobs and serves as a mentor. http://bit.ly.1RXTM03



My name is Marti and I am a full time student at Northern Arizona University. I am currently employed at Basha’s supermarket and the Student Life Office on campus but my involvement at NAU started in the Blavin Scholars Program the summer before my freshman year. As a second year Blavin, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be not only a role model but like an older sibling that encourages, supports, and connects with current and future Blavins for success. Blavin Scholars might have different life stories but we are all here to achieve the same dream in life, a college education. This program provides me with individuals who truly care and support me with my academic studies and life choices. It provides me with confidence to successfully graduate with a college education and reach my life goals.

Starting college as a freshman I had no idea what I wanted to do for the rest of my life besides help others and work to solve problems. As a sophomore I am considering pursuing a career in Social Work. Once completed I want to move forward to receive a master’s degree to be more qualified to assist people. My interest is to connect with children, support families, and make a difference in individuals’ lives by being a connection to healthier lifestyle.

I spent 4 years in the foster care system in both Arizona and California starting at the age of 15. I “aged out” of foster care right before I was 19 years old but choose to continue with the Independent Living Program which has helped me become more of a responsible and independent young lady. Education was the only value that was not taken away from me as a child and now I want to share my experience with others. As a Blavin Scholar, mentor, friend, coworker, student, and individual, I have grown and learned more — not only about myself but about how much others need someone to depend on… someone who cares.

LINK: http://blavinscholars.org/meet-marti-nau-blavin-scholar.html