Have a nice visit – touchscreen style

Touchscreen technology can help improve and enhance visitor management: https://www.thresholdsecurity.com/Blog/Touchscreen-visitor-management-systems-make-registering-visitors-a-breeze/


Touchscreen technology can help improve and enhance visitor management: https://bit.ly/2Tu3lY7

One World Touch Across the Industries

We at One World Touch provide touchscreens and service to an ever-growing range of industries including: Gaming, Medical, Hospitality, Real Estate, Government, Engineering and Manufacturing. Call us today at 888.928.2929 and one of our specialists will help you find the right touch screen solution for your needs. https://oneworldtouch.com/


We provide touchscreen solutions for almost any industry. Call 888.928.2929 for help selecting the right solution. https://oneworldtouch.com/

Cold to the Touch(screen)? Warm up with some touch-gloves!

Don’t let the cold weather hamper your touchscreen access – stay warm AND in touch: https://www.businessnewsdaily.com/11181-touchscreen-business-gloves.html


Stay warm to the touch(screen): https://bit.ly/2F7RhYQ

Happy New Year 2019

As we bring this year to a close, we look back with so much appreciation to you – our wonderful customers. Here’s wishing you all the best in 2019!


As we bring this year to a close, we look back with so much appreciation to you – our wonderful customers. Here’s wishing you all the best in 2019!

Happy Holidays from One World Touch

From all of us at One World Touch to you and all of yours … wishing you the warmest and happiest of holiday seasons! – The One World Touch Team


Warmest holiday wishes to you and yours from the One World Touch team!

Sarasota Finds the Way

The city of Sarasota, FL is developing a technology-focused program to help people get around town – and touchscreen tech is incorporated: https://www.yourobserver.com/article/sarasota-downtown-wayfinding-kiosks-app-navigation


City of Sarasota tests touchscreens to find the way: https://bit.ly/2E3FOsM

Helping with Touchscreens for the Visually Impaired

Students at the University of Waterloo have created a system to help make touchscreens accessible to the visually impaired: https://www.design-engineering.com/waterloo-students-create-a-system-to-help-visually-impaired-using-touchscreens-1004031377/


Helping Make Touchscreens Accessible for the Visually Impaired: https://bit.ly/2QdggR8

Reducing Hospital Waiting Room Wait…with Touchscreen Tech

Studies in the UK note touchscreen tech can significantly reduce waiting times for beds in hospitals: http://digitalhealthage.com/digitalising-bed-management-how-touch-screen-technology-can-reduce-hospital-bed-waiting-times/


Touchscreen Tech – Reducing Hospital Waiting Times: https://bit.ly/2EgeQyZ

Considering Touchscreens for your Business?

Close up of hand touching icon of gears on media screen

There are many reasons to consider a touchscreen PC for your business. For many tasks, touchscreens are much faster and easier than using a traditional mouse or trackpad. They enable and enhance all kinds of interaction including zooming in on photographs, rotating documents while collaborating, playing multiplayer games and so much more. Keep in mind that on a typical PC, a touchscreen doesn’t replace your keyboard and mouse – it provides an enhanced option for interacting with your PC. You get all your traditional functionality PLUS touchscreen tech.


Touchscreen PCs offer the best of both worlds — lots of interaction and collaboration and a keyboard/mouse when you need to type more.

Touchscreens in the Sky

Air Canada aircraft deploy personal touch-screen enabled TVs to all seats in Economy Class: https://www.aircanada.com/us/en/aco/home/book/why-book-with-us/travel-smart/world-class-comfort.html


Air Canada deploys touchscreen tech in Economy Class: https://bit.ly/2RuoOPF