Touchscreen Tech – Customer Experience Enhancer

Digital signage incorporating touchscreen technology can help overall customer experience, enhancing flexibility, increasing personalization and differentiating from traditional methods. Here’s a great article about improving customer experience in the real estate industry.


Digital signage and touchscreens improve customer experience in real estate services:

Touch Access for Real Estate Info

Here’s another great application of “through-the-window” touchscreen technology: Real Estate information access. Real Estate agent Max Douglas has provided a through-the-window touchscreen at his office to provide 24/7 access to property searches, maps, floor plans and more.


Through-the-window touchscreen tech helps with real estate info:

Your Next Bus Ride? It may literally be Touch and Go

Touch the touchscreen, and then go on the bus! Touchscreen-enabled information displays are being deployed to 14,000+ bus shelters and stops in the UK, to improve passenger experience and encourage bus services use.


Literally Touch and Go – 14k+ touchscreens to be deployed in UK bus stations :

There’s a (Touchscreen) App for That

Do you have an App to sell or promote? A touchscreen display is the perfect device to use for education, demonstration and promotion. Contact us to learn more!


Our bold and beautiful touchscreen monitors are perfect for App education, demonstration, and promotion. Contact us to learn more!

Large Touchscreen – Your Sign of the Times

The perfect application for your a touchscreen display: Digital Signage. Set up your monitor in a high-traffic area, get your news and message across, and encourage interaction with links/buttons or other elements. Tradeshows, special events, conferences meetings — all are great candidates for touch-enabled information. Come take a look at our product options:


The perfect application for a large touchscreen display: Digital Signage.

Touch Away in Hi-Res 4k!

With breathtaking graphic and visual clarity, our 4k (multi-touch!) touchscreen monitor is perfect for gamers, photographers, designers and more! Take a look: 32″ 4K Resolution Multi-Touch Monitor


Our big, beautiful, 4k touchscreen monitor is perfect for gamers, photographers, cinephiles and more:

The Perfect Wintertime Touchscreen Accessory

With Arctic cold racing through much of the country, operating touchscreens can become a problem.  Here are some great gloves that come to the rescue – keep your fingers warm, yet stay touch-able! The Best Touchscreen Gloves 2017


Keep your fingers warm AND touch your screen: The Best Touchscreen Gloves 2017

Optimize Your Touchscreen

Optimize your touchscreen monitor – make it work (or work *better*) for you! One World Touch offers a broad array of accessories for your touchscreen, including mounts, speakers, stands and whiteboard and keyboard software. Come take a look: Touchscreen Accessories


Optimize your touchscreen performance with accessories from One World Touch.

Touch Technology Coming to Some Skin Near You

Soon, that “warm, touchy-feely” sensation may actually be useful touch technology. Researchers at MIT have developed a touchscreen-like temporary tattoo that can connect with apps and devices:


Researchers develop “touchscreen tattoos”:

Touchscreen Tech May Help Screen Time Help Kids

Australian researchers suggest that some screen time may actually help kids become school ready, and touchscreen tech is the enabler.


Touchscreens may help kids prepare for school: