1/26/16 – Foster care kids more likely to…

According to a report by Child Trends Data Bank, children in foster care have a higher incidence of behavioral and emotional problems. They are more likely to be suspended or expelled from school, and tend to exhibit lower levels of school engagement than other children. That’s why the support portion of the Blavin Scholars program is so critical to their success in college. Learn more at blavinscholars.org.



Report indicates that children in foster care are more likely to be suspended or expelled from school and have lower levels of engagement.


1/22/16 – Meet Jacqueice – NAU

Jacqueice is a Blavin freshman at NAU studying criminology. Read the rest of her story here: http://blavinscholars.org/meet-jacqueice-nau-blavin-scholar.html



Jacqueice is a Blavin freshman at NAU studying criminology. Read the rest of her story here: http://bit.ly/1kCwy13

1/21/16 – Meet Jessica – NAU

Jessica is a brand new Blavin and NAU freshman with a wonderful outlook on life. Here’s more about her: http://blavinscholars.org/meet-jessica-nau-blavin-scholar.html



Jessica is a brand new Blavin and NAU freshman with a wonderful outlook on life. Here’s more about her: http://bit.ly.1mxBe9K



This is Jessica’s story as reported to us at the beginning of her first year at NAU…

My name is Jessica. I am a first year student at Northern Arizona University, and I am a first year Blavin Scholar. I’ve only been a part of the program for a little more than a month, but it is very easy to see that my Blavin peers are going to become much more than friends, because they already feel like family. It’s extremely inspiring to be a part of something that focuses so much on encouraging and being there for each other. Being away from home, it’s such an amazing thing to have a support system that is constantly around. I know that my life and career are brighter because of the connections I have, and will make in the Blavin community.

LINK: http://blavinscholars.org/meet-jessica-nau-blavin-scholar.html

1/19/16 – Extra support helps

This NY Times article offers some interesting insight into youth aging out of foster care. It references a Chicago study that showed when kids remain in foster care past 18 years old, they are more likely to complete at least some college. It also talks about how important extra support is in getting these young people into (and through) college.




This NY Times article offers some interesting insight into youth aging out of foster care. http://nyti.ms/Y1YTDc


1/15/15 – Meet Frankie — NAU Blavin Scholar

Here’s your chance to read the inspiring story of Frankie. He’s in his senior year at NAU and is an incredible individual. http://blavinscholars.org/meet-frankie-nau-blavin-scholar.html



Here’s your chance to read the inspiring story of Frankie. He’s in his senior year at NAU and is an incredible individual. (Lori – this is 123 characters – bit.ly wouldn’t allow me to shorten the link. Not sure why?)




Meet Frankie. He was kind enough to tell us his inspiring story at the beginning of his senior year at NAU this past fall…

My name is Frankie and I am going into my senior year at Northern Arizona University. I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. I am currently employed by the Office of Residence Life on campus but my involvement with the university does not stop there. In the past, I have been President of three different Hall Associations, a member of RHA general council, a Summer Conference Assistant, Secretary of RA Council and a Resident Assistant for two years.

Going into my senior year, I will be embracing new experiences that I am very excited about. I will be an executive board member for National Residence Hall Honorary, a member of Circle K International, a desk assistant, Director for NAU Relay for Life and the Vice President of Public Relations for the Blavins Scholars Association.

The Blavin Program has provided me the opportunity to grow into the leader that I am today. I have been a Blavin Scholar for three semesters and am looking forward to graduating as a Blavin Scholar. This program has provided me with the key skills that I will need beyond college and has provided a supportive family for me to turn to whenever I may need help. I went into the foster care system when I was 17 years of age and aged out of the system 8 months later when I turned 18.

Although I am not sure on what profession my heart is set on, I know that it will involve bettering the lives of youth. Whether it be an elementary school teacher, or working with a university, I am excited to start my life off right after I graduate from NAU!

LINK: http://blavinscholars.org/meet-frankie-nau-blavin-scholar.html

1/14/16 – Meet Kim — NAU Blavin Scholar

Kimberly has an inspiring story. In this article she shares that story and talks about how the Blavin support system has helped her. http://blavinscholars.org/meet-kim-nau-blavin-scholar.html



In this article Kimberly shares her story and shares how the Blavin support system has helped her. http://bit.ly/22FrCee



My name is Kimberly and I am a sophomore here at NAU. I am a nursing major working on my minor in psychology. I am a second year student in the Blavin program. I am a full-time student and I work on campus in Building Access Services as the administrative assistant. After college, I plan to begin my nursing career. I hope to live in Seattle and work at a good hospital where I can make a huge impact. I may go back to school in the future to become a nurse anesthetist, but for now I’m just focusing on making it through nursing school!

When I was in 5th grade, my mom and stepdad lost custody of me and my two younger brothers. My grandparents didn’t hesitate to take us in as their own. While we were lucky enough to avoid foster homes, we still had monthly visits from CPS to make sure our grandparents were treating us right. My grandparents have had permanent guardianship since then.

The Blavin Scholarship has helped me in so many ways. While I am a local to Flagstaff, I moved from my house into the residence halls on campus. Even though I was only moving a half an hour away while others were moving much farther, it was still a really tricky and difficult transition for me because my family and I are very close. It was also really nerve-wracking to be starting college during this time, too. It was a lot of change all at once. That’s where Cindy and the other Blavins came in. They gave me another family to fill that space. I always knew I had people who I could go to whenever I needed them, no matter what. It provided me with friends in a place where I might not have made any. My life was changed by every person in this group, and the impact has been amazing. It also provided me with a way to get more involved on the campus, and gave me a network of people to hold me accountable for my work. I always had people checking in on me, and I think that really contributed to my success last year. I am so thankful for all that has come with the title “Blavin Scholar.” I thought it was just a scholarship, but it’s not. It’s a family.

LINK: http://blavinscholars.org/meet-kim-nau-blavin-scholar.html

1/12/16 – 175 foster kids graduate high school > NEED TWITTER TEXT :)

We love this news piece about 175 foster kids graduating from high school earlier this year. All of them are heading to college thanks to the amazing generosity of donors. What an inspiration! We help kids just like these attend college and we support them throughout their journey to ensure they make it to graduation. If you would like to lend your support, or want to know more about what we do, please visit us at blavinscholars.org




We love this news piece about 175 foster kids graduating from high school earlier this year. What an inspiration! http://bit.ly/1lnaF75


1/11/16 – Meet Lov’e — NAU Blavin Scholar

We are so lucky to have so many wonderful young adults in our program. In this article, Lov’e – a new NAU Blavin Scholar – shares her inspiring story.  http://blavinscholars.org/meet-love-nau-blavin-scholar.html



In this article, Lov’e – a new NAU Blavin Scholar – shares her story. http://bit.ly.1lKKlyd



Hi! My name is Lov’e. I am a freshman at Northern Arizona University. My major is Social Work. This is my first year as a Blavin Scholar. Blavin has already helped me tremendously and I haven’t even started college yet. I was in great need of financial support for college and Blavin started by providing me with resources to pay for college. In addition to helping me with my finances for college the people in charge of Blavin have already helped me with other things going on in my life. Because I’m in the Blavin Scholar’s program, I got to participate in the STAR Program for first generation college students. During the STAR Program it was great to have mentors and people to talk to when I was struggling or when I was lonely. Because of Blavin I was able to explore outside of campus when I was stressed out with my summer school classes. Outside of school, the Blavin administration is helping me with really big problems, like getting my health insurance back and figuring out my citizenship. These are problems that I couldn’t solve alone. It’s a great feeling to know you have people to talk to even when it’s not about school. It’s a great feeling to know you’re not the only one out there looking out for you but other people are looking out for you as well. Because of Blavin I don’t feel alone starting college.

As for right now I’m part of the Black Student Union and Student Support Services. I connected with these organizations when I was at school for summer school. I’m excited about being a part of them and finding other clubs to join as well.

I spent 5 years in the foster system in Tucson, Arizona.

During college I plan on being involved in the campus community and forming a network of people who will help you me get the career I want to have. I plan on doing everything I can to get good grades and succeed.

After college I hope to help international refugees who come to the U.S. and make a difference in their lives.

POST LINK: http://blavinscholars.org/meet-love-nau-blavin-scholar.html



1/8/16 – Meet Marti — NAU Blavin Scholar

We’d like you to meet Marti – an incredible NAU second year Blavin. Not only does she go to school full time, but she also works two jobs and is a mentor to other students. http://blavinscholars.org/meet-marti-nau-blavin-scholar.html



We’d like you to meet Marti – an incredible NAU second year Blavin who has two jobs and serves as a mentor. http://bit.ly.1RXTM03



My name is Marti and I am a full time student at Northern Arizona University. I am currently employed at Basha’s supermarket and the Student Life Office on campus but my involvement at NAU started in the Blavin Scholars Program the summer before my freshman year. As a second year Blavin, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be not only a role model but like an older sibling that encourages, supports, and connects with current and future Blavins for success. Blavin Scholars might have different life stories but we are all here to achieve the same dream in life, a college education. This program provides me with individuals who truly care and support me with my academic studies and life choices. It provides me with confidence to successfully graduate with a college education and reach my life goals.

Starting college as a freshman I had no idea what I wanted to do for the rest of my life besides help others and work to solve problems. As a sophomore I am considering pursuing a career in Social Work. Once completed I want to move forward to receive a master’s degree to be more qualified to assist people. My interest is to connect with children, support families, and make a difference in individuals’ lives by being a connection to healthier lifestyle.

I spent 4 years in the foster care system in both Arizona and California starting at the age of 15. I “aged out” of foster care right before I was 19 years old but choose to continue with the Independent Living Program which has helped me become more of a responsible and independent young lady. Education was the only value that was not taken away from me as a child and now I want to share my experience with others. As a Blavin Scholar, mentor, friend, coworker, student, and individual, I have grown and learned more — not only about myself but about how much others need someone to depend on… someone who cares.

LINK: http://blavinscholars.org/meet-marti-nau-blavin-scholar.html

1/7/16 – TBT Kyle Beloin

TBT: Check out this 2010 AZ Daily Sun article about Blavin Scholar Kyle Beloin.




Check out this 2010 AZ Daily Sun article about Blavin Scholar Kyle Beloin. http://bit.ly/1Y7feDP