A Customized All-In-One for You

19" Slim Panel Performance PC

Need an “all-in-one” Panel PC, but need it your way? We can customize your “all-in-one” Panel PC in either a Desktop or Open Frame model, with plenty of additional customizable options. These units are ideal for applications in industrial, manufacturing, process control, healthcare, kiosks and custom installations. They offer high-end performance in a single unified package. Check out some examples at https://oneworldtouch.com/touch-panel-pcs


We can customize an “all-in-one” Panel PC in a Desktop or Open Frame model just for you. See examples at https://oneworldtouch.com/touch-panel-pcs


Toddlers and Touch Tech

This NY Times Parenting article has some fascinating insights on toddler development – including some interesting takes on the use of touchscreens. https://parenting.nytimes.com/toddler/15-month-old


Toddler development – with touchscreen tech: https://nyti.ms/2nYZ7xK

Automation, Drones and Touchscreens – Oh, My!

Here’s an interesting article about the UK horse racing channel “At the Races” becoming part of “Sky Sports Racing” with touchscreen tech https://www.svgeurope.org/blog/headlines/automation-drones-and-touchscreens-added-as-at-the-races-becomes-sky-sports-racing/


Automation, Drones and Touchscreens – Oh, My! https://bit.ly/2ppj1SP

It’s Already Fall – and Some of Our Prices are Falling, Too!

We’ve reduced the prices on a number of our touchscreen monitors!

23″ Wide Touch Monitor … now $589
24″ Performance Multi-Touch Monitor … now $1199
32″ Large Multi-Touch Monitor … now $1399
40″ Flat Front Surface Multi-Touch Monitor … now $2829
48″ Flat Front Surface Multi-Touch Monitor … now $3249

Come take a look – visit us at https://OneWorldTouch.com!


Falling leaves and falling prices – come check out our price reductions at https://OneWorldTouch.com!

Business Benefits of TouchScreen Tech

How can touchscreen technology help your customers and employees? Here’s an article with some great thoughts: https://smallbusiness.chron.com/benefits-touch-screen-technology-54942.html


Interesting article on touchscreen benefits for your business: https://bit.ly/2lXyGap

The Power of Multi-Touch

Hand Of Business Man Touch On Digital Virtual Screen

Multi-Touch Monitors can dramatically enhance the collaborative experience. While a typical touch monitor can only react to one person’s touch on the screen at a time, multi-touch monitors are capable of 2, 4, 10 or even more touch points on the screen at the same time (depending on screen size). With this technology, multiple users can work together on a single screen; allowing for a whole new level of collaboration, interaction and streamlining objectives. Our Multi-Touch Monitors range in size from 17” all the way up to 84”! Find out more here: https://oneworldtouch.com/multi-touch-monitors


Multi-Touch Monitors are capable of up to 10 or more touch points on a screen at the same time. Imagine the collaborative possibilities! https://bit.ly/2lwrmSZ

Not touchy enough?

Computer Touch Screen Menu And Hand

Capacitive touchscreens register touch via sense-conductivity rather than finger pressure — simply placing your fingertip close to the glass should register the command. But if you have callouses or very dry hands you may find that your touchscreen doesn’t respond instantly. Try applying a water-based moisturizer to help with conductivity. If that doesn’t solve the problem, we recommend using a stylus.


If your touchscreen doesn’t respond instantly to your fingertip, try applying a water-based moisturizer or using a stylus.


Automotive Touch Tech Benefits

Upgrading to a touch-enabled audio/navigation/control unit can provide multiple benefits: https://www.carparts.com/blog/touchscreen-head-unit-benefits/


Touchscreen tech helps drivers: https://bit.ly/2ltFCMj

Touchscreens Can Benefit Toddlers

Touchscreen-enabled play time can provide benefits for toddlers – but choose apps and monitor wisely: http://theconversation.com/touchscreens-can-benefit-toddlers-but-its-worth-choosing-your-childs-apps-wisely-108567


Touchscreen benefits for toddlers: https://bit.ly/2kqIbOU

Touch Tech Explained

Here’s an interesting article with a pretty straightforward explanation – with graphics! – of how touchscreen tech works. https://www.explainthatstuff.com/touchscreens.html


Great touchscreen tech “how it works” article: https://bit.ly/2MNEeQ4