Touch Tech on the Trail

A safety kiosk on the Monon Trail in Indiana deploys touch tech to help prevent crime:


Touch tech stopping crime on the trail:

El Paso and Touch Tech: The Digital Wall

El Paso’s Museum of History employs touch technology with their Digital Wall:


Touchscreen technology in El Paso Museum:

We ALWAYS Make It Your Way

Our touch product orders are individually built to your particular specifications and requirements – but we are still able to offer excellent lead times. In fact, the typical lead time for new orders with parts in stock is 5-7 business days from the time an order is placed. We build it just for you …fast!


Our touch product orders are individually built to your particular specs, with a fast 5-7 day lead time for most products.

Small to Tall – We Have it All

Female holding cell telephone while viewing 3d-visualization of

Here at One World Touch, we offer a full range of touch monitors along with superior customer service:

Desktop Touch Monitors…  which can be used in a wide range of applications and environments from factory automation to retail/restaurant point-of-sale entry.

Large Touch Monitors… which are excellent for conference rooms or wherever you need information displayed in a bigger format.

Multi-Touch Monitors… which allow you to zoom in, zoom out, rotate and so much more.

Touch-Panel PCs… which are ideal for use in industrial, manufacturing and healthcare settings.

Custom Solutions… to accommodate just about any situation you have.

Buy online at or call us toll free 888.928.2929.



We offer a full range of touch monitors with something to fit every need:

Helping to Tell the Story: Touchscreen Tech in UK Railway Heritage Centre

The Railway Heritage Centre in Bideford, UK uses touch technology to help visitors explore history:


UK Railway Heritage Centre touch tech:

You Can Touch This Wall of Fame

The University of Alabama’s Bryant Museum reveals a giant touch-enabled visual “Wall of Fame”:


Giant touch-enabled “Wall of Fame” at University of Alabama:

Deploying Touch Tech in the Classroom

Here’s an interesting “how to” article for deploying multi-touch touchscreen tech in the classroom:


Multi-touch touchscreen tech in the classroom:

Outdoor Environment Touch Tech: our 40″ Multi-Touch is a Powerhouse!


Armed with anti-glare glass, high brightness, and palm rejection our 40″ Multi-Touch Monitor is perfect for bright environments:


Bright environment? We have the Touch solution:

Need docs? We have them ready!

Looking for technical specifications, product manuals or tech drawings for a One World Touch touch monitor? They’re easy to find online right here:


Quickly and easily find technical docs for our products:

The Art of Touchscreen Touch

How we actually interact with our touch tech – from a visual perspective. Some fascinating images here:


The art of touch tech: